B13 - Here I GrOw again

'05 Feb 4
Well here I GrOw again.

Yesterday the little boy of the family whose house I'm staying at, said something and I challanged him as to why he said what he did. He looked a me with a puzzled expression and then began hitting his head with his left hand saying that it was his OTHER brain that made him say that and that it was talking to him now telling him not to tell.

I questioned him further and tried to get him to "see" his so-called OTHER brain but he said he was hiding. When I told him that he had the power to tell this other brain where to go. He looked and me and then said that the other brain said for him not to listen to me. We were interupted when his mother came home. I feel that I'm going to be doing more with him in the near future.

Later last night, I had been working on my computer on my second book and I was already tired at 10:30 but I forced myself to stay awake until 11:00 as Jeff works in the next room until then. I went to brush my teeth at 11:15pm and then went to bed.

No sooner had I turned out the light than Jeff began whistling which is somthing that he normally doesn't do. I opend the door and asked him why he was whistling and he said , "Oh no reason, do you want me to stop?" I said "Yes, I'm going to bed to sleep and I closed the door. He then began talking saying that he wasn't going to whistle anymore and he just kept on with his yadda, yadda, yadda, and I said out loud, "and you can stop talkng too". He was quiet and although I tried to go to sleep I was still awake at 2:00 am

This moning I realized that he reminds me of my brother-in-law Art, in that he uses the same idiot act, the jokey act and if that doesn't work he goes into the whinney, cute little boy act. This moring I confronted him and asked him why he did what he did last night? First he said that he didn't realize that I had gone to bed and then he said that he was only fooling and kidding with me. I said that he knew that it was after 11:00 and I told him that I didn't like his kind of kidding or fooling as it didn't feel loving.

He said he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it again. At one point I said the word fuck in my conversation and he said he didn't appreciate me talking like that. Just then his son came in the room and I told him that yes, I wouldn't use that word, not because he doesn't like it or because he told me not to use it but because I don't want to use it as I now realize that his son is around. I also stated that he's probaly heard that word if not at home, then at school, that I'm not protecting him. But that I was angry and it was what I felt in the moment I said it and I have regrets.

I also told him that it's not the real Jeff that I'm ticked off at but at the voice that is controlling Jeff. He looked puzzed and I told him of what his son had said. He asked him if that was true and his son told him that he had another brain that was telling him what do do and that he didn't like it. Jeff tried to dismiss it as some childish fantasy and I said that it's not a fantasy, that it's real and you're the living proof and you don't even know it.

I also expressed my fear in that now that I challenged him and expressed myself, that he would ask me to leave. He said no, that wasn't so and then his son interupted him again and our conversation ended. I then got my jacket and left to come to the library and I left it at that.

I'll let you know how things go as they grow.

PS I'm adding this note as when I read the post, I noticed that the F word was bleeped. I don't remember adding or checking off a profanity filter on this board and it's somthing That I'm going to check out. Not that it really matters as one can say ice cream with the same intent as fuck you and you 'll still get the same message

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