B52 - The Sense of Touch

'06 June 18 1:07 a.m.

I just went to bed and was thinking that only one of our five physical senses, our sense of touch, is the only one that isn't directly associated with our head. While touch encompasses the whole body, it's mainly associated with our hands and fingers. What we fail to realize is that the body and all its myriad parts and functions is what animates form and gives us our life experiences. The MIND can't can't do that on its own as it needs the rest of the body to enable it to have life, yet our MIND thinks that it has control over the the physical body. While the body is dependant on the brain (MIND) to maintain its functions, it is these very same bodily functions that maintain life for the Mind. It's a two way street, yet the MIND treats the body as a slave to do it's bidding, to be at its beck and call and it's the body that's to blame when it can't perform to the minds unloving demands and expectations.

As I was typing this piece, I remembered that when I was exploring the chakras, our seven major energy centres, that our hands and arms are extensions of our heart chakra. Now isn't that interesting when we combine it with the sense of touch? It's our arms and hands that explore the world and it's our sense of physical touch that speaks volumes in our human experience as a touch can be unloving or loving.

Touch also is involved with our sense of being, our I AM presence as it differentiates one from another. Even to experience ourselves, we have to differentiate that a part of us is different and not the same as another part of us. If there was no differentiation, there would be no experience. The mind is unable to experience itself, to know itself, unless it has something else to compare itself to that is not itself. Emotions and the physical body are two such aspects of ourselves, that allow for differentiation and experience.

It's a totally different experience touching yourself or being touched by another as we have no control, but can only respond to the touch of another. The same holds true when touching another, as our sense of feeling "touch" and our feed-back to our mind, is information that is altered and different from what we get when we touch ourselves.

Humm, things are getting interesting, if not in the moment, then a month later when I'm finally typing it up.


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