B49 - Wanting to get out of the pain

June 12

Wow! Time is flying and I have a lot of catch up to do as it's now July 18..

2:19 p.m. It's interesting as I just realized that all morning I've been trying to reach the Doctor that gave me the past prescription a couple of months ago. I even called the drug store hoping I could get a repeat, but I can't. I'm just wanting to get out of the pain so that I can feel and heal whatever is causing he pain... Now isn't that a laugh as the just the opposite is true.

I can vaguely remember telling myself that I'm looking my body by getting help and not being stubborn, that I know I have an infection so why wait. If I had a broken leg I wouldn't wait and just leave it. While there's a truth to that statement I feel that it's a part truth, that something is missing and that what is missing is actually the KEY to healing, real healing of the body. Humm??? But now...what is it?


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