B68 - Filling in the gaps of my "life" journal

I've been busy with other aspects of this blog and I was going to skip most of the following material and only pick out what I felt was important, but then I realized that it’s all an important part of my journey and that it's these subtle little issues and nuances, that if seen and heard, offer insights to the bigger issues and of things to come... It wasn't until I was reading my journal and spotted the message I got on Sept 20, that this became evident, so as you will see, I have some backtracking to do. Now my Blog will be more of a “life” journal, than “like” a journal.

When I read the last sentence, I thought it was a typo but then I read it again and decided that it wasn’t a typo… so I just added the quotation marks and I’m leaving it as is. It has a whole different feeling and meaning and maybe, this is a change in the way I'll be Blogging. As you read these seemingly simple "getting on with life" posts you'll begin to see how they are preparing me for what is to come. That these posts are also related to the posts I had alrady made on politics, religion and the Croc hunter, including the updates... I'm going to try to get caught up by the end of the month and then October should be a more flowing and easier to follow.

Now here is the message.
’06 Sept 20 >>>"It is as a river that man channels the energies of life through him and if he were to watch and listen, he would see that his outer reality is as much a reflection of his inner reality as he chooses to see and hear."<<<

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