B70 - Thoughts on kindness and niceness

’06 Aug 28 Monday 1:30 a.m.

I awoke thinking how kindness and niceness are virtues of the Spirit Polarity, the angels who denied their Will and instead, substituted a false Will. A false Will of kindness, niceness, charity, long suffering, self-sacrifice, and all the adjectives used to describe what it would take for one to love unconditionally if it were not for our emotions, ego, or the fact that we are frail humans whose body can’t take or provide us what we desire… Trouble is that they don’t live by their rules, they just make them for other who foolishly try to live by. Those that have a Will, have “real” feelings and emotions where they feel they are wrong or lacking if they don’t meet the denial based expectations of the Angels and Spirit Polarity…

These Spirit polarity angels are denial Spirits and they only put on an act to portray the “illusion” of love. “The worlds a stage and we are but players upon it” that’s a part truth in that nothing or very little of what we call reality is real, but is in essence…denial based.

I just thought of the Dalai Lama and if he is the 14th incarnate, and if the essence of the Lama’s purpose is to meditate and seek insights whereby one could escape the confines of physical life and is able to obtain enlightenment, then the question is, if physical life is what he is trying to avoid, why does he keep coming back? I guess he hasn’t “got it” yet or he wouldn’t be here. (As I was typing this I did a quick search and found this site.)

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