B104 - Things we calll life.....Phoenix Rising

'06 Oct 08 7:01 a.m. Another dream.
This time the dream was of Jen and of her trying to do things that would make her happy and also of other people trying to do things to make her happy but... what I saw was all these broken bits of different things taped, tied, glued, stapled and nailed together "trying to be" this wonderful thing called life and all that it was, was pieces of shattered hopes, dreams and desires and was not life. Why was it all broken? Because it was all built on conditional love. We've been "trying" to forge, "force" a dream into creation built on our old imprints programs and beliefs and it doesn't work, because they were unlovingly "forced" and demanded, willed by mindfull determination, blood, sweat and tears... but where was the love?

And even if we have desire and passion and loving intent that also isn't enough without real unconditional love present to fuel our desires and passion. If all that is fueling our desires it is our lost hopes, dreams and our desire to fill this feeling of emptiness and wanting within us, something that we had or we wish or dreams we had, it's also not in the present moment and there is also denied fear present.

Trouble is that we don't realize that it's "we" that are broken because how can we create our desires if we don't have the tools to create them? We have tools, but they are the tools of conditional love and the result is failure and the death of our hopes, dreams and desires. The tools we need are the tools of unconditional love. We need to fix ourselves first, create new imprints, programs and beliefs that are based in love without conditions, without restrictions and we will then have the tools that we've never used before to create the dreams we have yet to dream.

We need to let go of the past, not let go of remembering it, but to let go in trying to re-create it because it was built on shifting sand and never lasted nor could it. And so we blindly and vainly struggle to re-create something that never worked and we keep doing it over and over and failing each time and also, losing more of ourselves in the processes.

It's time to stop this insanity and instead of looking to the past to build our future, we need to look in the opposite direction, to the blank screen and as move toward it, we create our dreams, by living our desires in the moment, without expectation or conditions. A New World is rising out of the "ashes" of the old, The phoenix is rising.

Saysame JR

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